About EACOMM Corporation

EACOMM Corporation is an IT solutions provider focused on interactive multimedia design and development. Since 2001, EACOMM has been focused on providing organizations across the globe access to affordable, state of the art multimedia and web-based solutions.

EACOMM has been privileged to count as clients Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies from various countries, top educational institutions, international non-profit organizations, and dozens of small and medium scale businesses worldwide. For examples of the work EACOMM has done, please visit our portfolio.

We consider our clients as partners for long term mutual growth and success. This is reflected in the number of our clients who have eventually become very close friends and business partners and who have consequently provided us further business through referrals and recommendations. For a partial listing of our partner corporations across the globe, please visit our Partners Page.

EACOMM Corporation owes its success to a highly diverse group of talented people. Full credit for the award-winning designs and layouts EACOMM regularly produces is our Creative Team of graphics designers, professional illustrators and painters, animators, 3D modelers, scriptwriters, video editors and cinematographers, and voice actors. Providing the wheels and engine for the works of art is a highly skilled technical team that consists of web programmers, multimedia developers, telecommunications and computer engineers, and software analysts and designers. We  pay tribute  to this diverse set of  people here.