Integrated Solutions

Comprised of a team of communications, computer and embedded system engineers, this department focuses on contract R&D for clients requiring specialized integrated hardware<->software solutions. Projects the division has handled in the past include:

  • Radio-Subcarrier Data Transmission Systems - EACOMM developed a low-bit rate (2,400bps) digital transmission system utilizing unused spectrum from FM Broadcast Radio Stations, allowing the broadcast of text data over a radius of over 50 kms.
  • GSM-SMS Telemetry System - The TextBox is a full-featured GSM/GPRS telephone custom-built to transmit data over Short Message Service (SMS), GPRS, or standard GSM voice channels. The TextBox is ideal for providing intermittent data acquisition or data transmission to multiple fixed and mobile points in a wide geographic area. For example, weather stations located in remote and even mobile locations can transmit data to a central server located comfortably at the head office.
  • Download Kiosk - This PC-based device integrates an interactive multimedia application navigated via Touchscreen LCD that allows users to download files via Infrared, Bluetooth and USB Cable.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol - Since 2005, the Integrated Solutions division has been involved heavily in VoIP-related projects, particularly based on the Asterisk Open Source PBX and Digium TDM Cards. Research efforts in this area include development of a Hosted PBX/Call Center Platform, development of an embedded asterisk server using mini-itx processors, and development of various web-based voip applications. In 2006, EACOMM Corporation partnered with Elisha Telecom Ltd. to provide a comprehensive VoIP offering encompassing A2Z termination, hosted IP-PBX solutions, and supply of various VoIP hardware and software.